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Due to the coronavirus, NJ residents are expected to remain within the safety of our homes for the next few weeks. To pass the time, your family is probably hitting all the basics: playing board games, meditating, baking, watching movies and reading. Puzzles are also a staple, but instead of breaking out one made of 300 pieces, how about a brain teaser?

The National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) is launching a new program of mathematical puzzles, called Minder-Benders for the Quarantined!, geared toward keeping your family’s minds fresh. Each Sunday, MoMath will send a mathematical puzzle from its puzzle master, Dr. Peter Winkler. On Tuesday, you’ll receive a small hint; on Thursday, a very helpful clue, and on Saturday, the solution.

While the main idea of these brain teaser puzzles are to keep your kids’ minds sharp, they can still send their answers to Dr. Winkler. When the coronavirus pandemic is over, Dr. Winkler will announce a winner. The winner will be judged by how many of their answers were right and how much help they needed.

Sign up on the MoMath website before Sunday to receive the first puzzle.

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