The best work-from-home buddies are about to make this self-isolation thing a little more bearable—for 94 hours! Animal Planet is airing a nearly four-day marathon of Too Cute!, a reality show featuring litters of newborn animals.

Following the first days of life of puppies and kittens, you’ll see the birth and first few months of three different puppy litters from the pup’s perspectives—including up-close and in slow motion. When it comes time to see the kittens, you won’t be able to tear your eyes from the three litters (Abyssinians, Bengals and Persians) as they take their first steps and get their first cuddles. They’ll learn how to live with dogs, take bubble baths and yawn in the most adorable ways. You might also catch some cute piglets while you marathon!

These tiny furballs are already on Animal Planet, since the marathon began on Wednesday, March 18 at noon and runs through Saturday, March 22 at 8 pm. If you miss the marathon (or are going through baby animal withdrawal), you can catch a mini-thon on Sunday, March 23 from 6 am-8 pm.

It’ll be hard to look away, so make sure to hit record before you fall asleep. Bless Animal Planet for giving us 94 hours of what we really want—dad included! It’s not the only channel listening to viewers. Hallmark is bringing back its Christmas Movie Marathon to lift our spirits—even if it is officially spring.

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