If your kids were hoping to go to Disney, but the coronavirus has dashed their dreams of hitting up the parks, they can still achieve their dreams of becoming a future Imagineer. Khan Academy has a free program called Imagineering In a Box, and it takes kids behind the scenes of creating rides and attractions. Best part? It’s free. 

Your middle school and high school students can easily log on to the Imagineering program to get started. Disney’s team of Imagineers show them how math, physics and engineering play an important part in how rides are created via 32 videos. 

The curriculum is broken up into three classes and doesn’t feel like homework. Instead, it gives them project-based lessons to help them design their own theme park at home. They’ll get a taste of engineering software and use supplies around the house to bring their favorite Disney movies to life. They’ll start thinking about designing rides, learn how they’d  function and make their own scale models. 

In addition to physics and STEM concepts, it’ll teach them to pitch an idea, prepare a storyboard, speak  confidently and think about menu creation. Those are some valuable life skills no matter what their dream career is. 

We’ve got even more free learning resources to help supplement their education during this self-isolation period?

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