Netflix Parties


If self-isolation due to the coronavirus is getting you and the kids down, and you’re all missing your friends, Netflix Parties can help (at least a little). Google Chrome has an extension that you can add to your laptop browser that you and your friends can use to watch the same movie or show on Netflix at the same time. Even better, you can all chat along on the side with your thoughts and reactions to the movies.

Ideal for people separated by long distances, it’s perfectly suited  to our current situation. Netflix parties will make it so kids can watch their favorite cartoons with their friends. And you and a friend can live chat while watching the pure escapism of Love is Blind.

Start now at Netflix Party, then add the browser extension to your Google Chrome. Log into your Netflix account, find a movie or show, then send the link to your friends. Once they log in to their Netflix, the extension will start the synced stream and you can start chatting and enjoying your movie night together. Don’t forget the popcorn.

Many companies and artists and entertainers are acting fast to find new and innovative ways to keep families entertained and engaged during this unprecedented time. Mo Willems is doing daily doodles, Josh Gad is reading stories, places like Rockness Music are offering free music classes and more.


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