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We Understand NJ Moms Because We Are NJ Moms

We know moms want to make the most of precious family time. We get that they need me time, too. Above all, we know they want what’s best for their kids. That’s why more NJ moms look to us to help them make important decisions for their families and themselves than any other NJ parenting brand.

We are the ONLY audited parenting magazine in New Jersey serving nine counties and mailed directly to homes throughout New Jersey. We are the LARGEST community of NJ parents online. Every year, we help more than 5.9 million parents stay in the know and make important decisions for their families and themselves.

Brand Footprint


New Jersey Family 30,000
Big Book of Education 30,000
Big Book of Camp 30,000
Big Book of Health 50,000

Unique Visitors 5.2 Million
Email Subscribers 30,000
Social Media Followers 90,000+

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