Coronavirus has us all cooped up at home for the time being. It’s the perfect excuse to break out the family board games for game night. Here are some of our favorites to keep the kids entertained.

For Your Babies

Melissa & Doug Shark Bait Game

This sensory game comes with a plush shark, die and 16 pieces of bait. The kids can take turns rolling and feeding their bait to the shark. The first person out of bait wins. Ages 3 and up, $17.49.

Peppa Pig Surprise Slides

This whimsical game lets the kids help Peppa and friends get to school. Put slides together that’ll speed them up, flip them backwards and more. Ages 3 and up, $15.49.

Charades for Kids

This classic game gets an upgrade with cute cards, kid-friendly clues and three skill levels of play. Ages 4 and up, $16.49+.

Gas Out

Kids who love all things gross will belly laugh at this game of chance. Draw a card and press Guster the Gas Cloud. If he farts, you’re out! Ages 4 and up, $14.99.

Squawk—The Egg-Splosive Chicken Game

Press the chicken and hope she lays an egg. Crack it open for a shot at tokens that’ll help you win. Ages 4 and up, $19.99.

My First Bananagrams

Keep their wheels turning with this fave that helps them spell and read. Ages 4 and up, $13.89.

Dream Cakes

Calling all little bakers! Spin the wheel to collect layers to stack onto your cakes. Collect ribbon cards for each cake you finish; if you have the most once they’re all gone, you win! Ages 4 and up, $17.49.

Soggy Doggy

It’s bath time for this pup. Race around the board before he shakes off the water and splashes you. Ages 4 and up, $6.99.

Hackin’ Packin’ Alpaca

Have Jenga lovers in your house? Stack the cargo on the alpaca’s back before he spits water at you. The first person to stack all their pieces wins. Ages 5 and up, $19.99.

Rivers, Roads & Rails

You may not be able to hit the road just yet, but your crew can dream up your next family trip while connecting intricate pathways with transportation cards. Three game variations. Ages 5 and up, $19.99.

Chop! Chop!

One player plays a cat and the others play mice in this strategy memory game. Work to outsmart the kitty while collecting pieces of cheese. Ages 5 and up, $39.99.

For the Whole Family

Throw Throw Burrito by Exploding Kittens

Collect matching cards while dodging and tossing squishy burritos. Don’t get hit with one—you’ll lose points! Ages 7 and up, $24.93.

Please Feed the Pandas

Suit up in a panda mask while a player “feeds” you with colored balls. Catch the balls and perform tricks to score points. Ages 7 and up, $14.99.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Kids will have a blast racing the clock to slap matches between cards and spoken words. Be careful—it’ll be tricky! Ages 8 and up, $9.99.


This tabletop game similar to air hockey uses manually-moved magnets to move the puck into the goal. Ages 8 and up, $39.99.

Never Have I Ever Family Edition

Learn about each other and crack up all night with this all-ages game of question and answer. Ages 8 and up, $19.99.

Color Brain Disney Edition

Do the kids know the color of the feather in Captain Hook’s hat? Of Olaf’s buttons? Challenge their Disney knowledge with this color guessing game. Ages 8 and up, $9.69.

L.O.L. Surprise Monopoly

Does your kid love this popular brand? Tokens in this game double as accessories for their dolls. They’ll love the emojis and stars substituting houses and hotels, too. Ages 8 and up, $24.99.

Coinhole Game

Can’t wait for cornhole season? This tabletop version swaps bean bags for coins. Ages 8 and up, $14.99.

PlayMonster 5 Second Rule

Every parent is all too familiar with the five-second rule. Pick a topic card and name three things that fit the topic before the timer runs out. Ages 10 and up, $19.99.

Minecraft: Builders & Biomes

Your Minecraft fans can play screen-free by collecting blocks to build. Craft away, use your weapon tokens, try on four different character skins and more. Ages 10 and up, $39.99.

Bob Ross Happy Little Accidents

Aspiring artists will love this game of creativity. Transform squiggles into masterpieces and win points based on your drawings. Ages 10 and up, $15.59.

For Tweens and Teens

James Corden Carpool Karaoke Game

Do the kids love watching these vids of their fave celebrities on YouTube? Play your own version for points by dancing, singing, impersonating celebrities and answering trivia. Use a music app or streaming service to play. Ages 12 and up, $15.69.

Friends The One with the Ball Game

If you and the kids have binged this crowd favorite show on Netflix together, this game is for you. Play up to 50 challenges (many from the famous episode) to win. Ages 12 and up, $14.89.

Escape Room in a Box The Werewolf Experiment

Can’t wait to visit an escape room once quarantine ends? Solve this riddle in the meantime by cracking 19 puzzles in an hour before a mad scientist turns you into a werewolf. Ages 13 and up, $29.99.


Star Wars: X-Wing

Your budding Luke Skywalkers will love this two-player game of tactical skill. Build your squadron to take over the galaxy. Ages 13-15 and up, $48.10.


Every roll of the dice has a long-lasting impact in this game. Visit monasteries, voyage to victory and beyond in the Age of Discovery in Portugal. Ages 14 and up, $45.49.

For When the Kids Go to Bed

Happy Festivus

Seinfeld fans can grab the Festivus pole and air their grievances to win the Ultimate Feats of Strength. $32.95.

Saturday Night Live The Game

Bring on the funny with this party game that’ll have you acting and laughing at SNL-inspired activities. You’ll love exploring each decade-specific card deck. $38.95.

That’s What She Said

This game’s all about innuendoes and pairing setup cards with hilarious response cards. $24.99.

For Puzzle Lovers

Choose from tons of jigsaw puzzles for the whole family on Serious Puzzles. Place your order before 4 pm and odds are it’ll ship the same day. We love this 48-piece, 3-D dinosaur puzzle and this 60-piece outer space scene from Ravensburger.