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There is a lot of hustle-and-bustle in New Jersey, but there are also a lot of beautiful, scenic, quieter areas of the state that deserve some attention.

Three counties in NJ have been named among the top 150 choices for living off the grid in the U.S. It seems people want to remove themselves from the daily grind and enjoy nature more, enhance their spiritual growth and escape from city life, according to

Warren County placed No. 23. Located in the northwestern part of the state, there are beautiful rolling hills, forests and rivers. There is a large agricultural community and natural resources so that you can live a self-sufficient lifestyle if you choose.
In northwestern New Jersey, Warren County provides a rural setting with rolling hills, forests, and rivers. The county’s agricultural community and natural resources support a self-sufficient lifestyle. There is the White Lake Natural Resource Area in Hardwick, the Marble Hill Natural Resource Area and preserve along the Delaware near Phillipsburg, and the Oxford Mountain Natural Resource Area in Oxford Twp. Towns include Washington, Hackettstown, Mansfield Twp. and Franklin Twp.

Also, up north, No. 33 Sussex County also has rural areas with access to forests, lakes and the Delaware Water Gap. There are secluded and remote areas that offer lots of privacy. There is bedrock in the Highlands area, dozens of rare plant species near Johnsonburg and iron mines in the Ogdensburg and Franklin areas. Towns include Sparta, Newton, Andover and Hamburg.

Heading more south, Salem County in the southwestern part of NJ is No. 44. There are large farms and access to the Delaware River. It’s a lesser populated part of the state. Situated in southwestern New Jersey, 44th-ranked Salem County offers a rural environment with large tracts of farmland and access to the Delaware River. The county’s low population density and agricultural nature make it suitable for off-grid living. There are also lots of great wineries, showing the richness of the land. Areas include Pennsville, Pilesgrove, Pittsgrove and Woodstown.

The three top places for living off the grid in New Jersey are:
23. Warren County
33. Sussex County
44. Salem County

Of their 3,000 survey respondents, the top five destinations in the U.S. are:
1. Wasco County, Oregon
2. Hot Springs County, Wyoming
3. Meriwether County, Georgia
4. Bienville Parish, Louisiana
5. Somerset County, Maine

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