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As teachers begin to send their school supplies lists to parents for the new school year, Gov. Murphy announced, for the second year, that there is a 10-day sales tax holiday that begins soon to relieve some of the financial burden.The New Jersey Department of the Treasury is reminding parents, teachers and students to take advantage of the statewide back-to-school sales tax holiday, which runs from Saturday, August 26, through Monday, September 4.This applies to school supplies, such as pens and pencils, notebooks and binders; school art supplies, such as paints and paintbrushes, clay and glazes; school instructional materials, such as reference books, reference maps, globes, textbooks and workbooks; computers with a sales price less than $3,000; and school computer supplies with a sales price less than $1,000, such as computer storage equipment, printers and personal digital assistants.The tax break does not include cell phones.

For parents whose kids play sports, there’s more good news: Certain sports or recreational equipment are also included in the tax break, such as ballet shoes, goggles, mouth guards, skates, shin guards, shoulder pads and ski boots.

The purchases can be made in store or online.

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