Raising Teens

The Fight for Later School Start Times

Find out why some NJ schools have been pushing back the start of the school day.

Raising Teens

How Your Teen Can Nail Her College Essay

Get pro tips on how to knock it out of the park.


New Jersey Colleges by the Numbers

A look at New Jersey's colleges and universities, and why your teen may want to ...


The Perks of Teaching Your Kids a Second Language

Experts weigh in on the importance of making your kid bilingual.


Is It Time to Get Your Kid Speech Therapy?

Tips on advocating for your child in school and beyond.

Raising Teens

Should Your Kid Take the SAT or ACT (or Both)?

Experts weigh in on both college entrance exams.

Bodies & Brains

Your Teen Daughter Probably Needs to Destress ASAP

We talked to expert Rachel Simmons to get advice on making young girls communica ...

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15 Things to Know Before Going on a College Tour

These expert moms share what they've learned.

High School

6 School Supplies They'll Adore

They're (almost) too cool for school.

Fitness & Sports

Your Back-to-School Health Checklist

What to make sure you do before September comes.


School Safety and Your Kids

How to talk to your children about gun violence after Parkland and similar trage ...


6 Tips for a Successful IEP

The blogger behind Autism with a Side of Fries shares her advice for making the ...


New Jersey Teens Are Organizing In Response to the Parkland Tragedy

Students and parents across the state and country are calling for gun reform and ...


Summer STEM Programs Your Teen Will Love

College grads with degrees in a STEM field are in demand, and will be even more ...


I Went to the Florida High School Where 17 People Were Killed—And My Heart’s Never Been...

A 2010 graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland shares what it was like ...

Bodies & Brains

The Best (and Easiest) Ways to Fight Winter Colds

How to keep sneezes, sniffles and the scratchy-throated misery of colds and flu ...


Here Are the Top 10 NJ Colleges and Universities, According to WalletHub

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High School

Best New Backpacks for Kids

Start the school year in style with one of these cool packs.


What to Do When College Isn't the Plan

From vocational high schools to post-grad institutions, there’s no shortage of ...


Books to Help a Reluctant Reader

If you have a kid who’s less than thrilled to crack open a book, these titles ...

High School

Should You Let Your Teen Play Contact Sports?

Kids playing contact sports run the risk of injury and concussions, but how worr ...