Helicopter Parenting Hurts More Than It Helps, a New Study Says

Your teen’s self-control skills may suffer big time if you’re a hoverer.

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Is Your Tween Spending Five Hours a Day Staring at a Screen?

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What Every Parent Needs to Know About Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

We asked an expert at Trinitas Regional Medical Center what we can do to protect ...

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The Fight for Later School Start Times

Find out why some NJ schools have been pushing back the start of the school day.

saving for college

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Make Saving for College Easier on Your Family

How early to start, resources to trust and more.

General Physician

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Is Your Teen Ready to See a General Physician?

Deciding when to leave the pediatrician behind

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The Vaping Epidemic and Your Teen

Teens are among the growing number of people being hospitalized over their vapi ...


Don’t Let Your Teen Wear Costume Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses might be cool for a costume, but they could be really dan ...


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Mom Crush: Meet Wendy Herman, Founder of BRABAR

Head here to get your tween the perfect first bra fitting.

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How Your Teen Can Nail Her College Essay

Get pro tips on how to knock it out of the park.



How to Deal When Your Kid Gets Lice

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New Jersey Colleges by the Numbers

A look at New Jersey's colleges and universities, and why your teen may want to ...


The Perks of Teaching Your Kids a Second Language

Experts weigh in on the importance of making your kid bilingual.


Shawn Mendes Is Coming to Prudential Center and We’re Giving Away Tix!

There’s nothing holding us back from this concert.

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Worried About Social Media Bullying? Instagram Is Doing Something About It

The platform has released new technology that will make posters think twice befo ...

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8 College Survival Tips for Incoming Freshman

Here’s how to get your teen (and you) through their first year away from home. ...


Is It Time to Get Your Kid Speech Therapy?

Tips on advocating for your child in school and beyond.

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6 Secrets of Successful High School Students

A big part of success at school comes down to how hard you work. But the bes ...