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Valentine’s Day Treats You Need to Make

Surprise your loved one with some of these cool and colorful tasty treats this Valentine’s Day.


White Chocolate Popcorn

For those of us who love a mix of sweet and salty, this is the perfect Valentine’s treat. And if the kids eat it fast, you can make another batch in minutes using a microwave. Just mix popcorn, white chocolate and sprinkles—You can even throw in some conversation hearts for some extra holiday flair. The hardest part? Waiting for the chocolate to harden.

Great Idea From: Gimme Some Oven 


Heart-shaped Cookie Sandwiches

Use break and bake cookies (shape them into hearts with a skewer or a knife), pre-made frosting and sprinkles to make these amazing cookies. No one will ever know just how easy they were.

Great Idea From: A Step In the Journey 


Marshmallow Pops

Cake pops are gorgeous, but can be time consuming. Marshmallow pops are almost as cute and really, really, really easy. Heat up some pink candy melts (you could also use chocolate if you prefer), dip the marshmallows and roll in some sprinkles before letting them harden.

Great Idea From: Salem County Woman 


Valentine Heart Cookies

These might take a little time, but they are so cute and everyone will just love them. You’re basically making your own slice-and-bake cookies (think of the possibilities for other holidays). You’ll need sugar cookie dough (some of it dyed red or pink) and a heart shaped cookie cutter. Once you've got the hearts made, use small rolls of plain dough and carefully cover the hearts. Create a roll, put in the fridge and then cook the way you'd make any other cookies, but with way prettier results.

Great Idea From: LaurensLatest

Pomegranate Fortune Cookies

Make fortune cookies with your own personalized notes (it's really not as intimidating as it seems). It’s just a matter of cooking the dough and folding them. The pomegranate gives it a pretty pink color and makes them (slightly) healthier.

Great Idea From: WhatJewWannaEat 


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Everyone makes Chocolate-covered strawberries, but we love that this twist involves cutting the strawberries to create heart shapes. So cute, and more chocolate than your typical dipped berry, which is a win in our book.

Great Idea From: One Little Project 


Valentine’s Day Toffee

This is super easy, but looks like you spent all day. Just melt sugar and butter, let the mixture harden in a pan, melt chocolate on top, decorate and break it up into bite-sized pieces. Your kids and coworkers will love you.

Great Idea From: Pizzazzerie 


Cupid Floats

Pink floats! Use ice cream and raspberry 7UP to make these, and grab a Twizzler for a straw. The kids will go wild.

Great Idea From: SomewhatSimple


Rice Krispie Treats

Put a new twist on classic Rice Krispies Treats. Add a tiny bit of red food coloring to your marshmallow, and cut the treats into heart shapes to make them extra pretty. These are sure to be a hit at school.

Great Idea From: LisaKisch


White Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Make tons of these delicious snacks with just one family-sized bag of mini-pretzels. Dip the front of your pretzels in melted chocolate (white or dark), then dip in your choice of pretty sprinkles. Done.

Great Idea From: Love From the Oven 


Cucumber Hearts 

There are lots of different fruits and veggies that you can cut into hearts (watermelons, carrots, the list goes on!), but we loved these fresh green cucumbers. The color is unexpected for the holiday, and we're sure the kids will gobble up this healthy snack in their lunch box.

Great Idea From: WorkmanFamily


Spider-man Hearts 

Edible pens can make such a big impression. Frost your heart-shaped sugar cookies red, draw on the spider web with the edible pen and then use a piping tip to frost on the black and white eyes. We guarantee your little loves won't complain at all about these amazing treats.

Great Idea From: Sweet Sugar Belle


Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

You can follow the ingredients to make the batter from scratch (or use a boxed cake mix to save time, like us). We love the tip of outlining the heart shape on parchment paper, which makes it super easy to just fill in with batter. Add some delicious cream cheese frosting and you'll satisfy any sweet tooth.

Great Idea From: AnniesEats 


Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips

Make tortilla dough, roll it it out, cut out hearts and cover it (more like drench it) in cinnamon and sugar. Then make a quick cream cheese dip. These will make a delectable dessert or snack for your family.  

Great Idea From: CouponsandFreebiesMom


Meringue Heart Cookies

These meringue cookies are light as air and will melt in your mouth. Meringue can be a little tricky (but there are some helpful tips), and dipping them in chocolate and sprinkles will give them that added Valentine’s touch.

Great Idea From: Your Home Based Mom


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