most popular Valentine's Day candy in NJ

From conversation hearts to chocolate in a heart-shaped box, Valentine’s Day candy sales are huge and growing every year. But what’s the most popular Valentine’s Day candy in NJ?

The Garden State’s favorite candy is none other than…M&M’s! The small chocolates aren’t the only thing close to NJ’s hearts—they’re followed closely by heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and conversation hearts according to CandyStore, using more than 12 years of V-Day sales data. This year, M&M’s claimed the top spot in Arizona and Kansas too, knocking traditional conversation hearts down a few spots (you may remember SweetHearts conversation hearts were missing in 2019). The website speculates the rise in love for M&M’s stems from the promotion of Cupid’s Message M&M’s and Cupid’s Mix of Valentine’s Day colored M&M’s.

This Valentine’s Day, stores are on track to sell 32 percent more candy than last year, according to CandyStore. Fifty eight million pounds of chocolate will be bought during the holiday week and it takes manufacturers 11 months to produce enough chocolate for the peak six-week selling period. And we can’t forget our little loves! Kids typically receive 39 percent of all Valentine’s Day candy and gifts, too.

What’s your favorite treat to receive on Valentine’s Day?

# most popular Valentine’s Day candy in NJ

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