Research by Bounce bag storage company looked at which locations and travel related words have sparked the most baby names over the last 20 years. While none of them stem from New Jersey, these names span other states and are adorable choices if you’re expecting — or if you just love to check out top name lists! 

Bounce’s study highlights the growing trend of naming kids after honeymoon destinations, favorite places and even the spots where babies were conceived! It covers names from 2000 to 2020, and Preston came out on top as the most popular name for boys in the United States. The name is derived from England and means “priest’s town.” For girls, Sydney was the most popular travel name, inspired by the Australian city. Below are the top 10 most popular boy and girl names in the United States inspired by travel. 


  1. Preston – 56,922 boys names
  2. Dakota – 38,665 boys names
  3. Israel – 33,380 boys names
  4. Kingston – 33,146 boys names
  5. Dallas – 21,846 boys names
  6. Phoenix – 17,165 boys names
  7. Orlando – 12,495 boys names
  8. Atlas – 8,611 boys names
  9. Boston – 7,541 boys names
  10. London – 7,137 boys names


  1. Sydney – 105,777 girls names
  2. Alexandria – 41,132 girls names
  3. London – 37,419 girls names
  4. Dakota – 27,665 girls names
  5. Paris – 22,058 girls names
  6. Carolina – 19,218 girls names
  7. Guadalupe – 18,918 girls names
  8. Journey – 15,317 girls names
  9. Skye – 14,856 girls names
  10.  Asia – 14,559 girls names
The countries that inspire the most baby names in the USA are Israel, India and Kenya. The study also found which capital cities have inspired the most baby names, with London, Kingston and Paris taking the top three spots. It’s no wonder that as we return to travel so many parents are choosing names in reference to these amazing destinations. Check here for more statistics regarding destinations that have inspired baby names!

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