horse lessons

courtesy Bergen County Equestrian Center

If your kids have been itching to take horseback riding lessons, the COVID-19 quarantine has put those plans on hold indefinitely. One of the most important aspects of lessons is to learn how to care for the animals they’ll be riding and they can get a leg up on that education now, virtually. Every Wednesday afternoon, the Bergen County Equestrian Center is offering free virtual horse lessons on how to properly take care of their beautiful horses and ponies. 

courtesy Bergen County Equestrian Center

The 30-minute lessons will be led by instructor Anna Gassib, who will tour them around the barn, a 22-acre facility in the middle of Bergen County’s Overpeck County Park. She’ll introduce them to the horses and ponies, and be giving lessons on safety around the large animals, Barn Behavior; Basic Anatomy; Equine Senses & Body Language; Grooming, The Tack and Harness; English and Western styles, primary horsemanship skills and she’ll be peppering in some fun facts. 

So saddle up your little horse lovers to break up their homeschooling days. The virtual horse lessons are at 2 pm every Wednesday but require advance registration at or call 201.336-3370.

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