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We’re all going a little stir crazy during quarantine and most of us can’t wait for a few minutes of peace after putting the kids to bed every night. Everyone’s routine is so completely thrown off. If  you’ve got little ones, they’re likely putting up even more of a fight at bedtime than usual which is why it may be time to call Mickey Mouse himself for reinforcements.  In light of the stay at home order, shopDisney has revived its free Disney Bedtime Hotline which means you can call a number and get a message from Mickey, Donald, Daisy or Goofy. 

The toll-free hotline has a simple number: 1-877-7-MICKEY. Kids can call and get a special message from one of their favorite character friends. There is a limit of one call per household. The calls are only available for US residents and standard mobile charges apply. 

And if hearing their favorite Disney bedtime hotline pals reminding them to take a bath, brush their teeth and sleep tight isn’t incentive enough to get ready for bed, the site also has downloadable activities. Among them include sleep activity cards and a board game that makes bedtime more fun with a rewards chart so they can track their progress nightly. 

So get ready to dial up the reinforcements tonight.

If you need more bedtime help, Dolly Parton and Josh Gad are among the celebrities who will read stories to your kids.

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