Cards Against Humanity

If you’ve ever played Cards Against Humanity with your friends, you know this outrageous game is not even remotely family-friendly. But the game makers have just released a free version of their new kid-friendly edition that you can download now to make surviving quarantine because of COVID-19 a little bit easier. 

The download is free, but they do have a few topical rules you’ll have to agree to first. And they’ve worked in some timely jokes into the rules of the game too, including a reminder that before even picking up the cards everyone needs to wash their hands for 20 seconds before playing. 

The rules are simple, and if you’ve ever played Apples to Apples with the kids, they’ll pick this up fast.  Black cards are questions, and white cards are answers. You get a few white cards, and when someone asks the question, you have to find the funniest/best answer. It’s recommended for ages 8+., because it’s family friendly, but there’s still a reading level and some mild potty humor. Even in the rules, it clearly states that the person who pooped last gets to be the Card Czar and read the questions. 

You’ll be able to get a nicely printed version of the game this fall, but for now we’re going to spend the weekend figuring out the perfect time to play the card “Using My Butt as a Microwave”. 


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