As we shelter in place, we’re all looking for screen-free ways to keep busy indoors. Many families are turning to puzzles as a fun activity parents and kids can enjoy together, making the demand higher than ever. 

“We’re seeing an unprecedented surge in interest for jigsaw puzzles right now,” said Thomas Kaeppeler, president of Ravensburger North America. “Our factory is continuing to produce product and we’re finding ways to work with retailers to keep up with demand.”

MasterPieces, Inc., another puzzle maker, planned an early spring availability for its puzzles so the products were ready to ship as COVID-19 led to non-essential business shutdowns. “I’m pleased that we have been able to be a resource for families during this time,” said David Rolls, president of MasterPieces.  

Endless Games is a Matawan-based business that makes puzzles and games that have been selling out, like its popular 1,000-piece Playbill puzzle, which is out of stock. “We are thankful to our dedicated staff and the fact that our warehouse has remained open to a capacity that allows us to continue to ship our games and puzzles to keep families happy and entertained at home,” said Brian Turtle, national sales manager of Endless Games.

We checked in with all three companies to see what’s available to buy now. You’ll want to act fast since supplies are limited. 

At the time we published this article, these puzzles were available for shipping from Barnes & Noble:

Puzzles for Kids

Disney Pretty Princesses (24 pieces, ages 3 and up)

Moon Landing (35 pieces, ages 4 and up)

Caribbean Smile (60 pieces, ages 4 and up)

Disney Moana Born to Voyage (3 49-piece puzzles, ages 5 and up)

Disney Pixar Toy Story (100 pieces, ages 6 and up)

Frozen Friends (200 pieces, ages 8 and up)

Puzzles for the Whole Family to Do Together 

Disney Collector’s Edition: Dumbo (1,000 pieces) 

Disney Villainous Puzzle: Queen of Hearts (1,000 pieces) 

Disney Artists Collection: 101 Dalmations (1,000 pieces) 

MasterPieces has plenty of availability. Here are a few for kids:

Undersea Friends (48 pieces, ages 4 and up)

Map of the USA (60 pieces, ages 4 and up)

Glow in the Dark Moon Fairy (300 pieces, ages 9 and up)

Here are a few for adults: 

Americana Schools Days (500 pieces)

Catology Blossom (1,000 pieces)

Flashbacks Hit the Road Jack (1,000 pieces)

Check the MasterPieces site for more.

If you’re looking for board games, here are a few we found from Endless Games:

Name 5 is a game that asks easy questions you know the answers to (like Can you name 5 things that could make a person sneeze? How about 5 TV dads or 5 video games?), only you have to name 5.

The Floor is Lava is tasks players with imagining the floor is molten hot lava, while spinning for their color and jumping along foam game pieces in order to reach safety. An added bonus: This game requires physical activity.

And for the adults: Who remembers the classic TV game show, Password? Password, The Original Word Association Game turns it into a board game you can play with the whole family.

New Jersey Family does not receive any revenue from the sale of these games. These are solely editorial recommendations.

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