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The pandemic has been a challenging time for parents, but apparently there’s one part of it many are not ready to give up–the chance to work from home. A new poll from FlexJobs revealed that nearly two-thirds of parents would quit their jobs if their employer did away with remote working.

FlexJobs surveyed more than 1,100 parents regarding what they want from their workplace post-pandemic. Many of us have faced challenges while working from home including lack of boundaries between home and work, additional responsibilities with childcare and our children’s education and some have even been forced to quit their jobs due to COVID.

And while there’s a definite upside to not having to commute, it’s also worth noting that most parents can’t simply decide to quit work because they don’t feel like it.

Forty-three percent of respondents to the survey said their work situation basically stayed the same during COVID but the majority of parents were impacted.

  • 21% reduced their hours
  • 16% quit their job but plan to return to the workforce
  • 4% had their partner reduce their hours
  • 2% quit their job and do not plan on returning to the workforce
  • 2% had a partner who quit their job

Creating boundaries between home and work when it’s all taking place at the dining room table proved to be another big challenge. Those struggles include:

  • Unable to unplug after work or working too much: 40%
  • Dealing with non-work distractions: 36%
  • Unreliable Wi-Fi: 28%
  • Troubleshooting technology problems: 26%
  • Video meeting fatigue: 24%
  • Communicating in real-time: 21%
  • Too many video meetings: 19%
  • Relationships with co-workers harder to manage: 18%
  • Relationships with bosses harder to manage: 16%
  • Collaborating/interacting is difficult: 16%
  • Working across different time zones: 14%

One big takeaway from the survey is that parents now want to continue to work remotely.

“In a post-pandemic world, 61% of parents say they want to work remotely full-time, while 37% prefer a hybrid work arrangement. Additionally, 62% say they would quit their current job if they can’t continue remote work.” To keep their remote work arrangements, parents say they are willing to give up some benefits:

  • Some vacation time: 23%
  • Take a 10% pay cut: 19%
  • Work more hours: 17%
  • Health benefits: 16%
  • Employer-matching retirement contributions: 13%

In general, most people felt supported by their workplaces during the pandemic and say that flexibility with schedules will be one of the biggest issues going forward along with workers’ well-being, costs of commuting and limiting exposure to COVID.

Click here to see the full results of the survey.

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