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OPEN NOW! The Sussex County Sunflower Maze is a bright and beautiful summer tradition, for their 10th anniversary season. Opening today, August 25, their front field is filled with red, orange and white flowers. Masks are required for entrance and exit and any time you can’t maintain a 6 foot social distance. They planted their paths so they are 7 feet wide this summer, so you’ll be able to comfortably pass people. They are open daily 9 am – 6 pm.

The Sussex County Sunflower Maze was something I stumbled upon a few years ago strictly by accident when my then 7-year-old daughter noticed a sign on the side of the road. We’ve gone every single year since, and it’s part of our “end of summer/welcome fall” tradition, even more so than apple picking.

According to the Facebook page, the maze is expected to open on August 22 (make sure you check their page for updates due to weather). The maze moved a few years to a new home, which means it’s even bigger and better and an absolutely magical experience for kids and adults. We love wandering the throngs of flowers—there are usually more than 20 varieties. Check out the different heights and colors, and be sure to head to the back field to see the gorgeous red ones.

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I’ve dragged just about everyone I know to see this vibrant maze, and recommend you head out ASAP to see it before the sunflowers fade and you have to wait until next summer to see them in bloom again.

Pro tips:

  • Bring an umbrella if it’s sunny. Those open fields are HOT, and it’ll give you shade and make you easier to spot if you get separated from the kids.
  • Wear close-toed shoes. Sandals are nice, but it’s an uneven field with rocks and dirt. Sneakers are a much better bet.
  • Strollers are allowed, but the maze has an uneven and muddy surface (depending on the day), so they could be tough to push.
  • Check out the Sunflower Maze’s Facebook page for daily updates on the status of the fields.
  • Get there early! This has become a super popular spot over the years. Last year, we had to park about a half-mile down the road…and we got lucky. People were parking much further away.

Sussex County Sunflower Maze
Liberty Farm

101 Rte. 645, Sandyston

Need more reasons to go? Just look at the pics below! This place was made for your Instagram