With our busy lifestyles, food on the go is sometimes a requirement – and at Kura Revolving Sushi Bar, the food is literally on the move!

Kura opened its newest location in Edison this weekend, the third NJ location after Jersey City and Fort Lee. When you walk through the doors, the first thing that catches your eye are the conveyor belts that have dish after dish lined up, ready to be delivered to each table. Up to 130 different selections like sushi, sashimi, edamame and desserts are made fresh all day, packaged into domes called Mr. Fresh (which protect the food from bacteria and other germs) and sent on their way so that you and your family can grab what you want as it passes by.


As you take in the revolving sushi choices, your server will come by and explain the process of how to grab the plates. The sushi rolls are beautiful, like the caterpillar roll, salmon skin roll, golden crunchy roll, popcorn shrimp and tamago. There is also sashimi. There were other options like cubed watermelon or a harajuku summer salad. Everything was super fresh and delicious. There are anywhere from one to four pieces on a plate so you can try as much as you’d like – keeping in mind each dish off the belt is $3.55.

STAFF PHOTO / Spicy garlic popcorn shrimp roll

You also have the option of using the tablet situated above your table to express order from an even larger menu. There are more selections available, like udon, gyoza, nigiri, noodle dishes, ramen, soup, teppanyaki and Ojyu Box, and in about four minutes they zip by in the opposite direction of the conveyor belts, arriving right in front of your very eyes. The prices on those options vary per dish.


Your drinks are ordered through the tablet. A cute mechanical robot rolls by, bringing your beverages on a tray right to you. It’s pretty impressive to watch him navigate around people, strollers, even highchairs to get where he needs to go.

STAFF PHOTO / Sesame balls and taiyaki ice cream

There are dessert options, too. A must-try is the taiyaki ice cream, which has a fried fish-shaped waffle filled with red bean paste. You can get traditional vanilla ice cream or NY style cheesecake or opt for a Hokkaido milk creamy tart or sesame balls.

STAFF PHOTO / Golden crunchy roll

Special menu items will be added about once a month. There is no separate kids’ menu, but young ones seem to love trying to different colorful rolls – they love the watermelon and the chicken gyoza. You can order meals to go as well.


What’s super fun is that when you put the blue and white plates down a chute at your table (not the other colored plates), a sensor calculates how many dishes you ordered (the menu items you order from the tablet are calculated separately). For every five dishes you send away, a cute video pops up on the tablet screen. If you get to 15 dishes (which is super easy to do if you’re with a group) you get a prize! Kura Sushi’s Bikkura Pon Prize System is currently partnering with the manga and anime series My Hero Academia, so your kid can get a limited time can badge, lanyard or acrylic key chain dispensed from the prize machine.


Kura Revolving Sushi Bar is located at 1781 Rte. 27 (Lincoln Highway) in Festival Plaza in Edison. Hours are 11:30 am – 9 pm Monday – Thursday, and 11:30 am – 9:30 pm Friday, 11 am – 9:30 pm Saturday, and 11 am – 9 pm Sunday. Currently reservations are not accepted, but in a few weeks, there will be a waitlist option available through the app.

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