New Jersey will “Always” love Jon Bon Jovi and his NJ restaurants are just as beloved. Bon Jovi’s JBJ Soul Kitchen is the No. 1 restaurant in the country with the best Google reviews, according to a new study released by Q.R. Code Generator.

The idea behind the Red Bank and Toms River restaurants is for the community to serve the community. There are no prices listed on the menu, and diners pay what they can for their meal – or they can donate hours back to the diner. There have been more than 187,000 meals served, with 57 percent of meals earned by volunteering, and 43 percent paid with donations.

This community magic earned Soul Kitchen a 91.62 percent “excellent” review via Google.

“These star-studded ventures offer a unique dining experience that combines the glamour of the entertainment industry with the artistry of food,” says a spokesperson for Q.R. Code Generator. “From renowned actors to musicians and TV personalities, celebrities have ventured into the restaurant business to showcase their passion for food and hospitality. … These restaurants often reflect the personal style and taste of the celebrity owner, creating a distinct ambiance that attracts fans and food enthusiasts alike.”

JBJ Soul Kitchen is the only Garden State restaurant on the list and we’re pretty proud of the unique way both locations inspire the surrounding community to come together.

The Top 10 Celebrity-Owned Restaurants in the country area:

1.       Jon Bon Jovi, JBJ Soul Kitchen, New Jersey

2.       Norman Reedus, Nic & Norman’s, Georgia

3.       Robert DeNiro, Nobu, Las Vegas

4.       Giuliana and Bill Rancic, RPM Steak, Chicago

5.       Ryan Gosling, Tangine, Beverly Hills, CA

6.       Travis Barker, Crossroads Kitchen, Hollywood, CA

7.       Nicholas Braun, S&P Lunch, NY

8.       Blake Shelton, Ole Red, Orlando, FL

9.       Francis Ford Coppola, Rustic, CA

10.   Ralph Lauren, Polo Bar, NY

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