Fans across the world recognize May the Fourth as the official celebration of all that is Star Wars. It’s a word play on the franchise’s iconic phrase, “May the force be with you.” Even under COVID-19 quarantine, there are still fun ways to enjoy the day. 

Get Your Masks

courtesy shopDisney

Up your COVID-fashion game with these Star Wars themed masks from shopDisney (there are other  awesome Disney ones available, too). The masks are a must-have for all young Jedis. They won’t ship until June, but you can order now.

Zoom Into Hyperspace 

star wars

Tired of everyone looking at your messy living room during conference calls? Join your next Zoom meeting from Tattooine, Hoth, or the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. The official Star Wars site has a host of different options to choose from and steps on how to set it up as your background. See you all in space! 

Get your Baby Yoda fix. 

star wars

There’s so much cute merch of our favorite Mandalorian character available this year (we’ve got an entire page dedicated to The Child). So use this down time to find your faves and add to your cart. 

Spend the Day on Disney+

star wars disney plus

Once you’re done with work/school, log onto to Disney+ and watch the movies, or The Mandalorian (again) or Clone Wars or Rebels. There’s enough Star Wars content to keep you busy during all your quarantine days, and they’ve got a May the Fourth playlist already set up for you. 

Yoda Craft

Courtesy of Toddler Approved

Crafty you must get with this cute Yoda made out of construction paper and googly eyes.

Great idea from: Toddler Approved

Bedtime Story

Courtesy of Mama Smiles

How do Star Wars fans end their Star Wars-filled day? With a Star Wars bedtime story, of course. Find this and many other bedtime stories in the link.

Great idea from: Mama Smiles

Paper Plate Porg

Courtesy of Clementine County

After seeing The Last Jedi, we’re not surprised your kids want to make their own versions of these fan-favorite cuties.

Great idea from: Clementine County

Chewbacca Paper Bag Puppet

Courtesy of A Grande Life

It may be hard to recreate the iconic Chewbacca sound, but you can recreate a paper version of Chewie with just a few materials.

Great idea from: A Grande Life