Fans across the world recognize May 4th as the official celebration of all that is Star Wars. It’s a word play on the franchise’s iconic phrase, “May the force be with you.” Like these clever fans, here are some crafts to do while you and the family rewatch your favorite installment. Return of the Jedi? A Force Awakens? You make the call.

Yoda Craft

Courtesy of Toddler Approved

Crafty you must get with this cute Yoda made out of construction paper and googly eyes.

Great idea from: Toddler Approved

Bedtime Story

Courtesy of Mama Smiles

How do Star Wars fans end their Star Wars-filled day? With a Star Wars bedtime story, of course. Find this and many other bedtime stories in the link.

Great idea from: Mama Smiles

Paper Plate Porg

Courtesy of Clementine County

After seeing The Last Jedi, we’re not surprised your kids want to make their own versions of these fan-favorite cuties.

Great idea from: Clementine County

Chewbacca Paper Bag Puppet

Courtesy of A Grande Life

It may be hard to recreate the iconic Chewbacca sound, but you can recreate a paper version of Chewie with just a few materials.

Great idea from: A Grande Life