New Jersey has stopped its weekly state-by-state coronovirus travel advisory list and has instead issued a travel advisory for visitors and residents of New Jersey who are returning from other states. The state is strongly discouraging all non-essential interstate travel at this time, even to neighboring states. If you do travel, or have guests coming in from other states, they will be advised to quarantine for 14 days in order to help stop the spread of COVID.

“No one should be traveling out of state for anything beyond that which is essential for your daily life,” Governor Murphy said in his December 2 press conference “Commuting to work or seeking medical treatment for example. We understand that New Jerseyans may need to travel into neighboring states such as New York and Pennsylvania for shopping, worship or similar daily or transient activities. But if you do travel outside out of immediate region, or if you are coming into New Jersey from another state, we strongly encourage you to observe a 14 day self-quarantine period. And at the right point, get tested.”

“There are very few exemptions to this advisory including frontline healthcare workers, members of law enforcement and active duty military personnel on orders or directives for example,” he continued. “Otherwise we are asking everyone to not travel unless it is for essential purposes.”

Due to the increased number of cases across the country, New Jersey has issued a travel advisory that asks anyone entering New Jersey from a state that has a significant degree of community-wide spread of COVID-19 to quarantine at home, in a hotel, or in other temporary lodging for two weeks upon arrival.

The Department of Health will issue additional information in the coming days regarding updated travel precautions, but should abide by the current guidance until a new policy is issued.

Current Travel Guidance, from the Department of Health: 

Under the 14-day quarantine travel advisory, individuals traveling to or returning to New Jersey from states with increasing rates of COVID-19 are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days. This includes travel by train, bus, car, plane and any other method of transportation.

The self-quarantine is voluntary, but compliance is expected.

We ask that you complete a voluntary online survey to provide information about where you are traveling from and your destination if you have traveled to, or are returning from, states beyond the immediate region (New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware)

If you choose to provide this information, it will be shared with local New Jersey Public Health authorities and other third parties when required by law. Local health departments will contact you to remind you to self-quarantine and offer assistance including information about testing locations.

Access the survey by visiting covid19.nj.gov/njtravel or texting “NJTRAVEL” to 898211.

Please note that this advisory does not apply to individuals:

  1. Who passed through a state outside the region for a period of limited duration (i.e. less than 24 hours) through the course of travel.
  2. Who are passing through New Jersey on a layover for a period of limited duration (i.e. less than 24 hours) through the course of travel.
  3. Who are traveling to New Jersey for business matters that are exempted from the application of the travel advisory.
  4. Who are traveling to New Jersey and work in critical infrastructure fields, such as health care and federal, state and local law enforcement. Consult with your employer regarding whether there is industry-specific guidance that may apply to you.

Travelers and residents returning from outside the region should self-quarantine at their home, a hotel, or other temporary lodging. Individuals should only leave the place of self-quarantine to seek medical care/treatment or to obtain food and other essential items.

For more information on the guidelines, exemptions and where to get tested, visit the nj.gov website.