LEGO is coming out with a colorful new set that celebrate the power of playing together. The new Everyone is Awesome set celebrates positivity and kindness in our families, our communities and our world and is available starting June 1.

LEGO design lead Matthew Ashton is the designer of the rainbow-colored set and explained the inspiration behind his creation.

“The starting point for this was my feeling that we, as a society, could be doing more to show support for each other and appreciate our differences,” he said on the LEGO website. “Being LGBTQIA+ myself, I knew I needed to step up to the plate and make a real statement about love and inclusivity, and generally spread some LEGO love to everybody who needs it. Children are our role models and they welcome everyone, no matter their background.”

Ashton said that he wishes someone had given him a set like the one he created.

“If I had been given this set by somebody at that point in my life, it would have been such a relief to know that somebody had my back,” he said. “To know that I had somebody there to say ‘I love you, I believe in you. I’ll always be here for you.'”

Ashton said that the set is not just for the LGBTQIA+ community. It’s for all of the allies – parents, siblings, friends, schoolmates and colleagues out there as well.

The new Everyone is Awesome LEGO set is $34.99 and available June 1, 2021.