Baby Name App for iPhone and NookDon't let the baby-naming process become a daunting task! Download Baby Names 2012 app for iPhone. It's only 99 cents and features more than 275 creative and themed lists to get your baby name search started! The app includes:

  • Popular Song Names: (Cecilia, Roxanne, and Gloria for girls; Neil, Danny, and Jeremiah for boys)
  • Overachievers: (Teresa, Ann, and Barbara for girls; Howard, Paul, and Wolfgang for boys)
  • Sports Legends: (Serena, Athena, and Annika for girls: Peyton, Warren, and Reggie for boys)
  • Austen Fans: (Jane, Elizabeth, and Lydia for girls; Fitzwilliam, Henry, and Bennet for boys)
  • Names That Mean “Gift”: (Adia, Grace, and Daryn for girls; Nathaniel, Shai, and Tesher for boys)

Baby Names 2012 also allows expectant parents to:

  • Browse more than 100,000+ baby names—the most names of any app by far!
  • Hear babies giggling and ducks quacking while you search
  • Search for boy and girl baby names
  • Discover rich definitions, plus origins and alternate spellings
  • Browse by individual letter or customize your search to a specific first and last letter
  • Click the “Surprise Me” option to see what you get

Baby Names 2012 for iPhone also features:

  • Twitter Integration: tweet your favorite names and involve your loved ones
  • Add names to your Favorites List then share by email and Twitter

Baby Names 2012 is based on the baby names book, The Complete Book of Baby Names (Sourcebooks) by author Lesley Bolton.

From Sourcebooks. Available for 99 cents at the iTunes store and for $4.99 as Baby Names for NOOK Color™ by Barnes & Noble.