If your kid is obsessed with mermaids (or wants to be one), swim no further than to Adventure Aquarium, where “real-life” mermaids will soon dive deep amongst the sharks.

During the Mermaids Underwater Experience, you’ll watch as mermaids dive through the Shark Realm exhibit, which is home to a collection of sandbar, sand tiger and nurse sharks. You can take photos with the mermaids in front of a movie-screen-sized window as you peer through the 550,000-gallon exhibit.


You’ll see a mermaid wading above the surface amongst cownose and southern stingrays as she sings and blows kisses to your crew.

If you want some above-the-water action, step into the Mermaids’ Manor where she sits on her clamshell throne.

The kids can make underwater crafts as well, like a mermaid necklace or pirate’s hat.


When you get hungry from your sea adventures, look for a concession stand selling a mermaid sundae, Mermaid Cotton Candy Dippin’ Dots and Under the Sea Lemonade.

The Mermaid Underwater Experience will be open from February 29 to March 17, Thursday to Sunday only. Adventure Aquarium is located at 1 Riverside Drive in Camden. The Mermaid Experience is included with admission to the aquarium.

You can see the mermaids and little blue penguins on our Instagram page.

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