Mompreneur of the Year

While we face unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to support small businesses has never been more important. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our first-ever New Jersey Family Mompreneur of the Year! We reviewed nearly 200 entries before choosing Deanna Taylor-Heacock, founder of Good Bottle Refill Shop in Maplewood, as our winner. Good Bottle is NJ’s first zero waste refill store. Get to know Deanna and other mompreneurs below.

Mompreneur of the Year Winner

Deanna Taylor-Heacock, Founder of the Good Bottle Refill Shop

Our Finalists:

Winner: Iva Sebestyan, Flora’s Cottage
Runner-up: Shanetta Blackman, Your Beauty Plug

Business That Gives Back
Winner: Rosa Vasquez Zaremba, MA of NJ
Runner-up: Dana Kaspereen-Guidicipietro, FAYLA, Inc.

Winner: Kacy Erdelyi, Joyist
Runner-up: Rasheedah Cook, Treats for the Streets

Winner: Giselle M. Tadros, PT, DPT, In-Home Pediatric
Runner-up: Jeri Cenziper, JBR Therapeutic Services

Kids & Families
Winner: Moira McCullough, College Scoops
Runner-up: Jennifer Greenspan, Yaycare

Winner: Christine L. Matus, The Matus Law Group
Runner-up: Sarah Jacobs, Esq and Jamie Berger, Esq: Jacobs Berger

Winner: Marci Hopkins, Wake Up with Marci and Dragonfly Studios
Runner-up: Danielle Silverstein, Marriage and Martinis

Professional Service
Winner: Shari Seshadri, Photosesh
Runner-up: Lauren Decker, Lynne Pagano and Suzanne Willan, The Co-Co

Winner: Mona Malhotra, The Millionaires Closet
Runner-up: Michel Bezoza, Hunt and Orchard

Wellness & Fitness
Winner: Mara Kimowitz, StretchSource
Runner-up: Taryn Lagonigro, Iris Mind and Body