Name: Christine L. Matus
Hometown: Toms River
Kids: Emma, 12 and Juliana, 10
Business: The Matus Law Group
Location: 81 East Water St. Suite 2C, Toms River


New Jersey Family: Tell us about your business and what makes it unique?
Christine L. Matus: We are a boutique law firm focused on helping families, especially those with special needs loved ones. We are unique because we have walked the shoes of our families and know first hand of the highs and lows they face.

NJF: When did you launch the business, and what was your biggest inspiration to get it off the ground?
CM: I launched my firm in 2003. My father has always instilled in me the passion to have my own business to help people.

NJF: In this unprecedented time of COVID-19, small businesses are being hit really hard.  How has this affected your business?
CM: In this unprecedented time of COVID-19, our firm has seen a surge in families requesting help to complete important documents like wills and trusts and living wills.

NJF: How have you pivoted your business to adapt to this stressful and uncertain time?
CM: We have become creative with ways to help our clients like offer phone and video conferencing, video notary services,  sing email and tech like Docusign to get things done. As a result, we have been able to continue to serve others even more than before the pandemic.


NJF: How are you and your business giving back through this period?
CM: Our firm believes in education, that knowledge is power. So, we provide daily tips and advice on Facebook Live, webinars that help families cope during these times, podcasts through our Unique Family Podcast with information like how food stamps are effected during these times. We support our non-profit organizations like 21 plus, Inc. and MOCEANS through contributions and volunteering time.

NJF: What will be the first thing you do as a business when this is behind us?
CM: The first thing we will do as a business is host a client and referral appreciation gathering!

NJF: What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever gotten that you want to share with others?
CM: Every morning, focus on ‘what can I do to help more people?’

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