Name: Danielle Silverstein
Hometown: Manalapan
Kids: Mia, 14, Ean, 12, Jonah, 8 and dogs Billie and Auggie (rescues from Puerto Rico)
Business: Marriage and Martinis podcast
marriage and martinis
Danielle Guenther Photography

New Jersey Family: Tell us about Marriage and Martinis and what makes it unique?
Danielle Silverstein: Our podcast and community is committed to being truly authentic and tackling all the issues of parenting and marriage that are often not spoken about for fear of being shamed and judged. We have paved the way for other couples and families to be able to share their truth and know that they are not alone.

NJF: When did you launch it and what was your biggest inspiration to launch it?
DS: The Marriage and Martinis podcast and community launched back in July 2018 after I had searched for an outlet to help get me through a really tough time in my life and marriage, and really couldn’t find anything real and raw. I knew that if I was searching for something like this, others must be desperately needing this type of honesty as well. I suggested to my husband that we broadcast our issues to the world, and he miraculously said yes.
NJF: You have a huge social media following and incredible engagement. We love that you keep it real and never stop making us laugh. What resonates most with your followers?
DS: Our community is so incredible and I will never be able to truly display my gratitude for their ongoing support. They accept me for who I am and vice versa. I have never changed my style or pretended to be someone I am not in order to gain followers, which, ironically, I think has led to thousands of followers who fully want to keep it real. My feed isn’t pretty or staged like many other influencers, but it is funny and authentic.

NJF: Tell us about your podcast and what you guys are talking about there.
DS: For starters, we are an “explicit” podcast, so we definitely do not appeal to anyone who has an issue with bad language and a whole lot of questionable but hilarious content. We have covered everything from my debilitating struggle with OCD and postpartum, to my husband’s issues with gambling, to the gray areas of trust and secrets within a relationship, to financial hardships. We also tell lots of stories of our parenting fails, which are completely relatable, even when they’re ridiculous.
NJF: How have you pivoted to adapt to this stressful and uncertain time?
DS: Honestly, navigating what is relevant to our listeners right now has been a process and something we are trying to really figure out from week to week. We had tons of pre-recorded episodes that no longer seem worthwhile for the moment. But the important thing is that we are continuing to show up for our community on a daily and weekly basis across all of our platforms. They know we are here and we aren’t going anywhere. We will keep them laughing, we will cry together, and we will commiserate about the hardships 2020 is throwing our way.
Danielle Guenther Photography

NJF: If possible, how are you giving back through this period?
DS: A good deal of our listeners also suffer from anxiety, and they know I am fully transparent about my struggle and I keep everyone updated no matter how vulnerable it makes me. They know they are not alone. Laughter is the best way I know how to give back right now. If I can make people laugh on a day when they have already had one or two emotional crying sessions, then nothing can make me happier. I also like to be the first to say that I have no idea what I am doing with this whole homeschooling situation and am an absolutely horrible homemaker, so I like to post pictures of whatever current quarantine fiasco is occurring in the Silverstein household.

NJF: What will be the first thing you do as a business when this is behind us? 
DS: We had plans to go on a few talk shows and some other really exciting events that unfortunately got postponed due to the pandemic, so I am hopeful we can pick up where we left off in a lot of ways. I also miss going to the studio in New York City to record with our fellow podcasting friends, so I cannot wait to get back to doing that and see all the incredible other moms I have met as a podcaster and social media personality. There’s something so wonderful about being able to be face to face while recording than over a Zoom call.
NJF: What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever gotten that you want to share with others?
DS: Don’t wait for ‘it’ to be perfect. People want messy. People want real. There’s beauty in the chaos, and there are already people out there waiting to consume what you release into the world. Presence is far more important than perfection.
NJF: What’s next for Marriage and Martinis during this uncertain period
DS: My goal is always to keep putting out content that is relevant and connects us to our audience. I always hope that anyone who needs support and to feel less alone somehow finds their way to our podcast and Instagram community. In a world where social media is filled with unrealistic images of motherhood and marriage, I think it’s important to have a place to go and see that 99 percent of the population doesn’t know what the heck they’re doing either. We might as well do it together.

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