One of the most-anticipated day trips I took with my twins this summer was to check out the brand new LEGOLAND New York Resort. Located in Goshen, New York, this awesome new theme park consists of seven different LEGO-themed lands chock full of rides and attractions to keep the family busy and entertained all day. There’s even a new LEGOLAND Hotel that just opened if you want to make an overnight trip of it, but this time we made it a day trip to check out the park.

The entrance to LEGOLAND is a happy, colorful area that gets you psyched for the day of fun and excitement that awaits behind the gates. After taking some pictures, we got a map of the park and decided to begin our day on DJ’s Dizzy Disco Spin, which is basically the familiar teacups ride set to pulsing music. Insider tip: the seven “lands” of the theme park are set up in a circle and I recommend starting to the left and ending your day in Miniland (more on that later).

Once we were sufficiently dizzy, we headed indoors to the Build + Test area which was filled with LEGOs, interactive games and an area to race LEGO cars. The twins could have occupied themselves here for a long time but I ushered them on, ready to get on some more rides.


Oh, and for parents who are wondering, there were hand sanitizer stations available all over LEGOLAND, so we were able to keep hands clean even when touching stuff.

The theme park takes up 150 acres and there isn’t any shade to be found, except when you head inside for indoor rides and attractions. My recommendation would be comfortable shoes and lots of sunscreen. There are also water bottle refilling stations throughout the park so feel free to BYOB and save some serious cash on drinks.

The LEGO Factory Adventure Ride and LEGO Ninjago The Ride were both fun. The one roller coaster in the park, The Dragon, was just wild enough to thrill my 9-year-old twins (and make this mama grip the safety bar and scream as we took the sharp turns).


The best ride in LEGOLAND is Splash Battle, which allows you to aim your water cannon at spectators while you ride a pirate ship. What makes it really cool is that the spectators on land can also shoot water back at you! I’ve been to plenty of theme parks and this is the first ride I’ve seen that was so interactive between park guests.

Overall, the park is fun for all ages, but with lots of stuff geared toward the little ones, ages 5-8 are probably the sweet spot for LEGOLAND New York. Still, my daredevil son who seeks out the thrill rides at Great Adventure declared it a great day and the gleeful expression on my daughter’s face on The Dragon said it all.

We ended our day by walking through Miniland, which featured cities and skylines all made out of LEGO bricks. The twins had fun figuring out which cities they were looking at and some of the cities had interactive features, like a helicopter in Washington D.C. you could control and a ride set in Coney Island.


LEGOLAND New York is open most days 10am-7pm and advance 1-day tickets are $79.99. Visit for more info.

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