Next time you take a walk with the kids, keep your eyes open for teddy bears in the windows of homes in your neighborhood. Communities in New Jersey and throughout the country are organizing teddy bear scavenger hunts to give kids and families something fun to do together while under quarantine to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

teddy bear scavenger hunt
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Want to know how to start one in your community? Challenge your neighbors to put a teddy bear in their windows in your local Facebook group. Here is what one local Facebook group posted to its residents:

 “My neighborhood has been placing teddy bears in our windows. A few surrounding neighborhoods caught on as well.

While we practice responsible social distancing, we’ve seen parents and their kids taking nice walks together. This is a trend that is spreading across the U.S. Kids and their parents are scavenging for teddy bears or other stuffed animals in neighbors’ windows.

Please feel free to join in and pass this around. It’s a nice community event we can all share in without putting anyone in harm’s way. We’re keeping this going until quarantine or the pandemic ends.”

Another post added a fun twist with a hint as to which neighborhood this giant teddy could be found in:

For the parents with little ones out walking or doing teddy bear hunts….

Come find our enormous teddy! He’ll be by the window every day (for the next couple of weeks) waiting for you to find him. Teddy will be at a different window of our home (or maybe even in our cars) every day, so see if you can spot him! Unfortunately, Teddy can’t stay outside because of allergies, but he’ll be waiting for you behind the glass ready to brighten your day! Please wave back to him. We look forward to your smiles!”

 Now it’s your turn! Join in on the fun by placing your own teddy bear in the window. Then, count the number of teddy bears you find on your next walk. Keep up with the fun by walking through a different neighborhood each day. And remember to keep a safe social distance from others while you seek out those teddy bears!