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Those Shoulder Flaps on Baby Onesies, Explained

Those folded envelope sleeves have a real headache-saving purpose.


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Is Watching YouTube Safe for Your Kids?

With inappropriate content making its way into the YouTube Kids area, and "celeb ...

Home & Safety

Old Car Seats Sitting In Your Garage? Recycle Them at Target!

Donate yours at any Target store between April 17-30


10 DIY Slime Recipes Without Borax

Play it safe with these recipes that don’t require the dangerous ingredient

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Redesign Your Kid's Room With Help from NJ Pros

New Jersey designers show us how to reinvent our kids’ spaces


PBS Just Launched a 24-Hour PBS KIDS Channel

Now you can watch their favorite shows as a family any time on any device

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Author Nancy Jo Sales Warns About Social Media Culture

If your teen is always in front of a screen, you need to watch this interview.


These Command Centers Will Keep the Whole Family Organized

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The Right Chores For Kids By Age

Help your child learn responsibility (and help around the house) with a list of ...

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The Best Part of Parenting? Blaming Your Kid for Stuff

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City Girl Turned Suburban Mom: How I Made the Switch

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The Fight to Include Dads in Amazon’s “Amazon Mom” Program

Why dad bloggers and other caregivers are petitioning to make sure sites like Am ...

Healthy Families

One More Reason to Limit Screen Time

Technology could be interfering with kids’ abilities to read emotions.


Merry Everything

Forget ho-hum holiday cards this year—Take your card sending to the next level ...


Home Alone

What’s the right age to leave kids home alone? Here’s what our Facebook foll ...

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How to Manage the Leftover Halloween Candy

Consider these sweet-stuff strategies before hitting the trick-or-treat trail th ...

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Communicating in the Information Age

Technology is here to stay, so parents need to help kids incorporate it into the ...