How to Talk to Your Kids About Mass Shootings

Here’s some reassuring advice for explaining gun-related tragedies to kids of ...


The Best Shampoos for Removing Chlorine from Your Kid’s Hair

Stop the damage with some of our favorite products or make your own treatment at ...

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2019’s First Big Snow In NJ Is Predicted for This Weekend

Bundle up for the blast and do your snow day shopping, stat.

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How A Code Word Could Save Your Kid’s Life

This simple precaution can make all the difference when your kid comes in contac ...

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Is Watching YouTube Safe for Your Kids?

With inappropriate content making its way into the YouTube Kids area, and "celeb ...

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How to Talk to Your Kids About the Bombing at Ariana Grande’s Concert

Experts say you’re better off talking through the tough stuff than shielding t ...

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Old Car Seats Sitting In Your Garage? Recycle Them at Target!

Donate yours at any Target store between April 17-30

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HUGE Recall: Cuisinart Recalls 8 Million Food Processors

The company flags the small appliances in response to complaints that blades ch ...

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Can You Spot the Potential Warning Signs of Gun Violence? This Video is a Must Watch

Sandy Hook Promise releases a powerful PSA that shows how easy it is to miss the ...


Parents Should Create Family Media Plans to Limit Kids’ Screen Time, Says AAP

The American Academy of Pediatrics announces new screen time guidelines

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The Right Chores For Kids By Age

Help your child learn responsibility (and help around the house) with a list of ...


How to Have a Happy School Drop Off and Pickup in 10 Easy Steps

The privileged person’s guide to school drop-off. (Note: Don’t worry, none o ...


City Girl Turned Suburban Mom: How I Made the Switch

This mom tells the story of her rocky transition from NYC to the NJ ‘burbs and ...

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School Bus Safety

Schools and parents must be vigilant about keeping safety first.

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When Lightning Strikes: Storm Safety

Lightning is nature's underrated killer

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The Best Towns in New Jersey for Young Families

Did your town make the list? Nerd Wallet reports on the top 10.

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Turn Trash Into Treasure

So you’ve cleaned out your home and have tons of stuff that your family no lon ...

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A Clean Spring

‘Tis the season to air out the cobwebs, literally and figuratively.

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Pet Safety Alert

Data shows almost all pets in danger during summer travel season