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American Girl

The Olympics aren’t happening this summer, but this new Team USA collection of American Girl dolls is aiming to instill confidence in girls. You’ll be able to purchase gear for gymnastics, soccer, swimming, track and field, softball and beach volleyball for your sports fan. In addition to the sport sets, a medal ceremony set and matching T-shirt for girls and their dolls are also available for purchase.

In addition to the Team USA set, American Girl also announced the release of its  “Truly Me Student Council Election Set.” In honor of the 100th anniversary of womens’ right to vote this August, girls can campaign with their doll for class president. The set includes a card table with removable metal legs to host the doll’s election headquarters, a megaphone that can record up to 10 seconds of voice and play it back, and more.

Both collections, along with other American Girl products and educational games, can be found on the company’s website.

Earlier this spring American Girl released many of its books as free downloads so its young fans could enjoy reading them. You’ll also find DIY and craft ideas on their site.


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