Mom and son playingOnce a mom, always a mom, and Mother’s Day is a day to savor a relationship like no other. Though you deserve any and every gift that may come your way from your children on Mother's Day, turn the tables on this traditional holiday and think of some of the gifts you are able to give to them, like love and laughter, safety and security, your time and attention.

Here are 9 ways to celebrate the day and share some of those gifts.

  1. Take a bubble bath with your infant. Memorize the luxurious softness and gorgeous scent of your baby’s skin.
  2. When he’s reached an age where it’s safe, place your infant in the large oval oven roaster earmarked for the Thanksgiving turkey. Then give him a gentle but thrilling ride across the kitchen floor and capture his squeals of joy with your video camera.
  3. Take a break from routine. Don’t get dressed. Don’t answer the phone. Don’t open your laptop. Spread a quilt over your bed and let everyone pile on for a long, leisurely breakfast with your undivided attention.
  4. Ask your kids to stage an impromptu fashion show. My sons staged a “London-France” show by layering on every pair of underwear they could find, then tied on a blanket cape and donned one last pair of undies as a hat. Totally hilarious.
  5. Sacrifice your family room for the day and help your kids build a fort with every blanket and sheet in the house. When complete, head off to play Don’t Break the Ice and Candy Land a dozen times or more.
  6. Plan ahead in your planner for an at-home photo shoot with each child every few months. No mom ever said she took too many photos.
  7. Let your child have a blast styling your hair with clips, rollers, bobby pins, whatever is on hand. When your makeover is complete, go to the mirror and pretend you love it. Then let her apply the makeup.
  8. Sit down with teens or ‘tweens and split a pizza while you watch their favorite comedy movie or YouTube videos, no matter how lame they seem to you. You might be rewarded with joyful togetherness and laughter.
  9. Sneak into your child’s room and watch her as she dreams. Let yourself fall in love with delicate eyelashes and precious tiny fingers all over again.

Michele Ranard, a hopeless romantic with two sons, savors momhood every day.