Looking for an absolutely adorable DIY gift for Dad this Father's Day? These handmade crafts will have everyone saying "awe."

Tape Art

Use tape or letter stickers to mark off the words I Heart Daddy and then let your little kid get to work on their masterpiece. This scribbled artwork will make the perfect card for Father's Day. Since the tape does all the work, this is the perfect toddler project.

Great Idea From: SolisPlusOne 


Framed Feet

This cute pic will look perfect framed, as those little feet become a sweet message with the help of some washable markers. The hardest part? Getting the kids not to giggle while you write on the soles of their feet.  

Great Idea From: LoveThisPic

Musical Massage

Play with the kids and sneak a nap in? Sign us up. Dad can get a personal massage on father's day with this t-shirt that lets even the littlest kids know exactly where to tap.

Great Idea From:  Lalymom 


Following in Daddy's Shoes

Take dad's shoes, cover them in paint (a washable variety), and then do the same to the kids’ shoes (in different colors) “Print” them on a white sheet of paper to show how their little feet are following his.

Great Idea From: PatentPendingProjects 


Scrabble Framed Photo

Another fun picture idea which only requires a cute photo, a frame, and some scrabble pieces. Don't want to spell out Daddy/Daughter? Try criss-crossing their names or create your own fun twist.

Great Idea From: Baste and Gather


Dad Biography

Let the kids write down all the things they know about Daddy on a simple print-out and fill-in biography sheet! He’ll surely be impressed by how much they know, and get a kick out of what they improvise. 

Printable from: BigandMe 


Handprinted Baseball

Give him a baseball with a sweet handprint on it and he'll definitely want to add to his sports collectibles.

Great Idea From: TheGainesGang 


Dad's Stache

Grab a Mason jar, paint a mustache on it –Daddy’s Stache! This silly and super easy gift is perfect for coins or other collectibles. Maybe even fill it with some spending money to get him started. 

Great Idea From: artsyfartsymama.com


Chalk Art Photograph

Have kids use chalk on the driveway to create a sweet setting as a background, write a note for dad and then take a picture of them laying on it. The final product will make it look like they’re standing in their make-believe creation!

Great Idea From: Crafty Texas Girls


Best Dad Apron

Dad love to BBQ? Make him this cute apron. Grab a white colored apron from the craft store and scatter with finger painted handprints, and he'll be wearing this for years to come (probably to embarrass his teens).

Great Idea From: LetKidsBeKids


Dad Poster

Have dad wake up to this huge poster hanging on the wall that you just print out, and let the kids write all the things that make him special.

Great Idea From: CoolMomPicks 


Dad Coffee Mug

With a dollar store plain white mug and some cool paint markers, the kids can make dad a cool (and affordable gift). Once you've painted (use stickers for stencils) just bake to make it last forever.

Great Idea From: IHeartArtsandCrafts

Handmade Star Wars Card

If your family has jumped aboard the Star Wars craze, this project will be great fun to make–and receive! Using green and brown paint, make a handprint that will be turned into Master Yoda. Add a promise to watch the movie with ‘Dad, and his Father’s Day will be made.

Great Idea From: IHeartArtsAndCrafts


Peanut Mason Jar


With easy printables, this is the perfect gift for all the fathers in your life–including godfathers and grandfathers.  Decorate a mason jar however you choose, and add the printable “I’m nuts about you!” tag. Dad can enjoy this snack at his desk or in his favorite chair at home.


Great Idea From: DesignDiningAndDiapers


Hooked on Dad Card

For the fishing enthusiast father, turn your child’s handprint into a fish. Add a construction paper background and yarn fishing line for a craft Dad will hang on his wall for years to come.

Great Idea From: Handmade Happiness


“Guess Whooo Loves You” Card

Help your child cut out cardstock shapes to make an owl (two wings and a body), and hide a picture of him or her on the owl’s belly. When dad pulls back the wings, he’ll find a nice surprise reminder of how much he’s loved! You can get as creative as you want with paper design and owl embellishments.

Great Idea From: IHeartCraftyThings


“Why We Love Daddy” Photo Collage

Get the whole family involved with this project for Dad. Using a chalkboard, write the kids’ favorite things to do with him. Take photos and repeat. Arrange all the winning shots in a collage for a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

Great Idea From: Project Kid

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