Before you ask your pediatrician about your kid’s sleep troubles, ask yourself this simple question: How well are you sleeping? Parents who are poor sleepers are more likely to exaggerate sleep problems in their children than those who get a good night’s rest, according to a recent study in Pediatrics—and they may not even realize it. It’s tough when your child is constantly waking in the night, but when you’re not getting enough shut-eye yourself, it makes the situation seem much worse. Recommendations from the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) show how much sleep kids need at every age. For example, infants should get 14 to 17 hours per day and school-aged kids need nine to 11. If your family is consistently getting less, it might be time to establish rules like setting (and sticking to) bedtimes and limiting technology use before you hit the hay. If these strategies don’t result in more shut-eye for everyone, a trip to the pediatrician may be necessary to see if a bigger issue (like sleep apnea or movement disorders) is to blame.