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The ability to explore, learn and have fun is what makes Wardlaw + Hartridge such a special place and its summer camp embodies all these attributes and more. “We aim to provide a safe environment for all children where they can learn through hands-on creating, play and games,” says Dawn Cancryn, director of auxiliary services and summer programs. “Out tagline for camp is: Explore. Discover. Be amazed.”

The hands-on approach mirrors the communal fabric that defines Wardlaw + Hartridge, a co-educational, college preparatory day school known for its small class sizes. In summer terms, that means just five campers per counselor– most of whom are former campers, current students or alumni.

“We are a smaller-sized camp that can give lots of individual attention,” said Cancryn, who has been the summer director since 2012. “Each counselor connects one on one with their campers. We have weekly themes where we base our activities on which include art, games, music, cooking, trips or events, recreational and brain games etc.”

Camp is held on the school’s Edison campus, plus there are weekly field trips or special events. Wardlaw + Hartridge has an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, two gymnasiums, acres of playing fields, art rooms, STEM rooms and classroom spaces. Weekly sessions include freshly made hot lunches, but not transportation. COVID safety protocols comply with state and federal guidelines. Last year, there were no COVID cases during camp.

“I use most of my energy to ensure every camper has a safe, comfortable environment,” Cancryn says, “where they can make new friends, be challenged to learn more about their world and themselves, and be amazed at what they can accomplish.”



1295 Inman Ave., Edison 

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