Having a dedicated spot for school gear makes the transition to the school year easier on everyone, parents included. On campus, that hub of organization is a locker. Why not bring the locker home? Just like kids, lockers come in many shapes and sizes. Think about the following options, and chat with your star pupil to find an A-plus solution.

No doors, no problem. For little hands, open-front cubbies make mornings a breeze. Kids can find their boots, backpacks and books without any help. Plus, with a custom coat of a favorite paint, your little guy or gal will start each day on a colorful note.

The lack of doors also means that parents don’t have to worry about smashed fingers. If you do want areas to hide supplies, install a few cabinets high above little heads.

Personalized property. At school, kids remember their locker numbers, but at home, customization is limitless. This tall set of vintage lockers transforms into a floral work of art with felt stems and flowers handmade by Jen Talbot of Jen Talbot Design

These lockers lead into a woodland playroom that features a life-size tree and swing. “It was the client’s idea to add the flowers to the front of the locker and onto the wall,” Talbot says. (See more of this room)

Customization can also be functional. These traditional doors include a magnetic panel on the inside for art projects, a calendar and even that note that needs to be signed for the teacher. 

Shut the doors, and the kids can make sure their hair looks great before they dash out. Before lockers lined this entryway, the homeowners also had mirrors in their place. They used the mirrors a lot, so they requested that mirrors be put into the design during the remodel.

Out of sight. These tall painted cabinets quickly conceal any after-school messes. Each locker is 16 inches deep and 26 inches wide, and stands 5¾ feet above the bench. “The lockers serve the mudroom, so the solid doors help hide the coats, backpacks and other items accumulated by kids,” says Greg Randall of Randall Architects

Underfoot, the Saltillo tile adds to the aesthetic appeal, he says, but it also provides a durable finish for the mudroom.
Cabinet paint: River Blue 2057-10, Benjamin Moore


The locker room. The kids don’t need to drop everything as soon as they walk in the house. A bedroom could actually be the best place for a locker. Lockers can also be used to play up a sports-themed room. Anyone ready for a game of hoops?

In a bedroom, lockers can also double as shelves to hold lamps and pictures. Add a few beanbags, and children can plop down and dive into the books they checked out from the school library.

Style conscious. Most people think of big metal lockers that slam with a thundering crash, but that’s not always the case. Lockers are what you want them to be. Blend them into your decor by using materials and colors that match the rest of the home’s style, such as these painted maple and plywood cabinets that were made to hug the existing rock wall.
Cabinet paint: Sage Saga, Mythic Paint; custom cabinetry: Hart & Sapp Cabinetmakers

Lockers with a rustic charm blend right into this California home’s entryway. In the mudroom, the kids can stuff their coats into their locker made from reclaimed wood, then shut the mesh door before washing up for dinner. No style is lost, but a lot of organization is gained.

Right size, right place. You don’t need a ton of space to incorporate lockers into your home design. These slim lockers squeeze into the entryway and even afford enough space for a small stool.

Little kids don’t have as many school supplies, so a little cube can be just enough. Plus, more lockers mean more colors, giving this homework space a fun feel.

Helpful extras. Accessorize your lockers with a bench or pegs on the wall. These extra items give the kids, and adults, a place to tug on their boots or hang their jackets. 
At the end, or beginning, of the day, home lockers help everyone focus on their main purpose: school.
Your turn: Do you use lockers at home to stay organized? Tell us how they work for you and post a photo in the Comments!
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