What you’ll need: 

  • 20” x 20” Tissue paper sheets in your favorite Halloween colors (we used purple, black and white. Plan on using 6-8 sheets per large flower, 4-6 per medium, 3-4 per small
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Utility Tape
  • Painters Tape

Optional extras:

  • Crepe paper streamers
  • Black card stock

    (For this photo we made 15 large-, 10 medium- and 15 small-sized flowers.)



 Stack 6-8 sheets of tissue paper in any color arrangement. (Pictured: we made a variety using alternating colors, solid and a 50:50 ratio of black and purple.)



Starting at one end grab your stack of tissue and fold a strip approx 1-11/2-inches wide.


 Flip the stack over and repeat the fold. Continue flipping and folding until you reach the end of the paper. You’ll be left with an accordian-style strip. 

Fold your strip in half to find the midway point and secure it with a pipe cleaner. 

Trim the ends into shape by cutting points or curves to give the flower its petal shape when you open it at the end.

 Holding the center tie, open out the accordion fold to form a circle.


Gradually separate the tissue paper by lifting each layer up and inwards towards the center of the flower. 


TIP: Work slowly to avoid tearing the paper.

Once all layers are lifted into petals, turn the flower upside down, and bunch the middle to form a base. Secure with tape (this will be how you attach to the wall in the backdrop).


Turn a cupcake case inside out and tape it to the center of your flower.

Fluff the petals and set to one side. 


Repeat this as many times as you like for your backdrop using a mix of small, medium and large flowers. 


Choose a doorway or a blank wall for your backdrop. Optional: Hang a piece of black fabric as a solid, dark background.

  1. Start with a simple curtain as the center of your backdrop made of coordinated crepe paper streamers in matching colors.
  2. We used six rolls cut into 100-inch strips. Having the curtain cuts down on how many flowers you need to make, plus the flowers won’t be obscured in your Halloween pics. Wouldn’t want all that hard work to go unnoticed!
  3. Take large groups bunches of your colored strips and hang them in the center. Affix to the wall with painters (so it doesn’t mark up your walls).
  4. Alternate colored groups of streamers.
  5. Once you’ve alternated across the full area, make sure they are all affixed at the top with the painters tape.


Gather all your flowers and attach them around the curtain. Arrange them symmetrically, cascading from one top corner down to the ground, haphazard, whatever you like—anything goes, but begin by taping the largest flowers first, then fill the spaces with medium and hang the smallest flowers last.



TIP: Little kiddos require a smaller backdrop compared to older kids, teens or adults so cut shorter crepe paper strips.


Cut out different sized bats from black cardstock and tape around the edges, then add a few sparkly spiders (you can usually find these at stores like the Dollar Tree) for spooktacular effect!