Spoiler alert: If your kids aren’t already hooked on SpikeBall, they likely will be as soon as they try it. This fun and addictive game is big on spikes, drop shots and jumping around. The rules are a little like volleyball except the goal is to hit the ball onto the net and not over it. The ball then bounces off of the net to give the other team a chance to return it. Great for all skill levels, it keeps you moving so you’ll work up a sweat while you play. It’s also small enough to take to the beach, use in the backyard or inside the house (20 feet by 20 feet is a good amount of space to play but my son and his friends made it work with less space in our basement).
SpikeBall Standard 3-Ball Kit, $69

Whirly Board
This amazingly versatile gift with more than 500 5-star ratings on Amazon can be used by everyone in the family. Founded by inventor Erik Olsen who grew up in Minocqua, WI and loves the outdoors and board sports, the Whirly Board lets you spin 360˚ and engage your body’s core muscles. It can be used as a fitness tool no matter your skill level. Kids can use it in the house to burn energy while working on their motor skills. Teens and adults can use it for core training at home. An indoor training tool that’s compact enough to store, the Whirly Board can be used for strength, balance, and agility.

Skateboard fans can also use it to practice spinning and tricks they’d try outside on a traditional skateboard. Whether the kids use it to release some energy during a homework break or you use it as a break in the workday, the Whirly Board is also widely used at home and in offices while working at a standing desk to stay active during the workday. It’s also a great gift for kids who rely on getting some extra movement to stay focused.
Whirly Board Spinning Balance Board and Agility Trainer, $139.95

Bean Bag Bucketz
This fun twist on a bean bag toss comes with a game tower with 7 buckets, 16 bean bags and a carry bag. There are so many ways to play but the main idea is to toss the bags into the buckets for a range of 1 to 4 points. You’ll need a minimum of two to play but you can also play with a large group. The first team to score 21 points wins the game. The set is portable, lightweight and easy to pack and take with you to the beach, tailgating, camping and college. It’s a great backyard game, too.
Bean Bag Bucketz, $59.99


Pickleball Bag
Pickleball has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years and with good reason. The paddle sport combines elements of tennis,  badminton and ping-pong—and gets you quickly working up a sweat. It’s also easy to learn if you’re new to the sport and easier on the body than tennis. If you have a pickleball fan in your life, this gorgeous Georgie & Lou pickleball bag is as cute as it is functional. The pockets hold your paddle, balls, and pickleball essentials securely. We love that the bag is lightweight and cute enough to carry even if you weren’t going to pickleball. The bag also has interior pockets that hold 3 pickle balls and keep your water in the shade while you play and a front pocket for paddles that don’t take up any interior space.
The Parker Pickleball Bag, Georgie & Lou, $148


If you want to play golf but don’t have experience on the green, a FlingStick will make it easier and more fun to hit a ball down the fairway. You can even shape your shot from the tee to putting on the green. First spotted on Shark Tank, FlingGolf has since become a popular way to play golf regardless of your skill level. As someone with a husband and son who love golf, the FlingStick gives me a chance to play alongside them on the course or at the range. You’ll only need one Flingstick for all your shots. When putting, use The Striker Pad at the bottom of the stick by positioning the ball alongside it. When trying long-distance shots, The Channel on the Flingstick will help you hit the ball about 100 yards within 5 minutes of using your FlingStick (it really is easier than you think) and even further after a little practice. Bring one stick rather than all your clubs next time you hit the course to try it out.
The Launch Flingstick, $109 (sale price); The Stinger starts at $159, and The Junior (for kids) is $89 (see site for more variations)


LED Cornhole
Who doesn’t love a game of cornhole? This version of the classic will have you playing after dark thanks to LED lights that’ll transform your lawn. This durable version of the classic lawn game also has a colorful platform retro design that makes a statement during the day before it’s lit up at night.
Cornhole Toss Set Illuminated, Yard Candy, $150


A Scooter for All Ages
Having a scooter of your own not only helps you keep up with the kids but also makes going out on their scooters more fun for your children. They’re also a great form of exercise and became more popular during COVID when families were spending more time outside together. This scooter is designed for kids and adults (9 years and older) and is engineered to even tough roads. It’s easy to fold up and compact enough to be taken with you on a road trip.
McLaren  MCS03 Scooter, Posh Baby & Kids, $229


Retro Roller Skates
Roller skates have made a big comeback and these skates are as trendy and stylish as they are durable and fun. Channeling the ’70s with a disco vibe, these retro skates feature a moon cutout on the boot and a wider toe box to make the breaking-in process easier. Use them all year round at an indoor skating rink or take them outside in warmer weather as an alternative to rollerblading the whole family will love. Throwback versions include Flashdance, Night Fever, Peridot, Sapphire and more.
Moonlight Roller Skates, $250

Bocce Ball
Bocce ball is another classic throwback you can play with our without the kids that makes a great gift for anyone on your list. This set features 4 red and 4 blue heavyweight resin official size bocce balls, 1 white ball and a tape measure for game players that are extra competitive.
Bocce Set with Storage Bag, Yard Candy, $60

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