BRONX ZOO/Julie Larsen Maher

Something prehistoric is happening in the Bronx this spring. The epic Dinosaur Safari is now open at the Bronx Zoo as a new walk-through experience. Instead of typical lions and tigers, this exhibit that’s 66 million years in the making features massive prehistoric creatures that are now bigger than ever!

During the new walk-through experience, you’ll get up close with 52 life-sized dinosaurs and pterosaurs in the Bronx Zoo’s Dinosaur Safari. Huge animatronic dinos that move and make noise will wow the kids, as will booming sound effects and surprise jolts. After the excursion be sure to check out the snacks and souvenirs at the Field Site.

Events and activities will be open to the public all summer. Check out Professor Jurassic’s Amazing Dinos (July 1 – August 28) to discover the cool adaptations and survival strategies that birds and dinosaurs share. Don’t miss Birds in Flight: Birds are Modern Dinosaurs! (July 8 -24) where you’ll see macaws, vultures, owls and more. Dig into life-size fossils at the Dinosaurs Rock pop-up, followed by the Fossil Adventure Show with a dino expert (August 20-28).

The safari is only open until October 30. Dinosaur Safari is a Star Attraction and included with the Bronx Zoo Admission ticket. No additional ticket is required. Admission tickets must be reserved in advance. Dinosaur Safari is FREE for Zoos PLUS, Land & Sea, and Conservation-level Members.

Bronx Zoo is located at 2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx, NY. Call 718-220-5100 or visit for more information.