Courtesy American Dream

American Dream, the massive project underway in East Rutherford, has tons of exciting attractions in the works. The newest of the bunch is an Angry Birds indoor mini golf course, the first Angry Birds entertainment attraction on the continent.

If your kid (or you) loves the game, you’ll have to make a trip here once the mega attraction opens this fall. The course has 18 holes and is inspired by The Angry Birds Movie 2 coming out this summer. Golfers will get to putt-putt their way through Bird Island, Pig Island and Eagle Island while being surprised by 3-D renderings of Red, Chuck, Bomb and other characters. The golf balls are designed to look like birds, and putters will be based on the game’s slingshot.

Joe Lawson, SVP of content licensing and US brand development for Rovio Entertainment, called the course a “‘lights-out,’ interactive experience,” which makes us wonder if it’ll be a glow in the dark course a la Monster Mini Golf. In any case, this is one-of-a-kind putt-putt you won’t find anywhere else.

American Dream is officially opening on October 25 (yes, really!) and we couldn’t be more psyched! The East Rutherford behemoth will be rolling out the launches of various attractions, but will eventually be home to the continent’s first indoor snow park, the world’s first candy department store, next-level shopping and tons of attractions.

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