If Halloween snuck up on you, there’s still time to pull together a really easy costume using stuff you already have in your closet. Meaghan Murphy, Content Director at Woman’s Day and a Westfield mom of three, has more Halloween spirit than anyone we know. From her cover-worthy front porch decked out in pumpkins and bats to her carved green peppers and spooky bagels, we like to think of Meaghan as New Jersey’s queen of Halloween.

Meaghan did not disappoint last year when she shared some brilliant and simple—we’re talking really easy —last-minute Halloween costume ideas. Added bonus: If you love a good pun, you’ll be obsessed with these clever getups. Check out some of our favorites and watch the segment below for some serious last-minute inspo you can pull off with a hot second to go.

Resting Witch Face

Meaghan Murphy models a resting witch face

Meaghan models her best witch look but she’s not just any witch. She’s a witch with a sleep mask to show off her resting witch face.



The Ultimate Bread Winner

Bread Winner Costume

Grab your 5 or 10K medals or a trophy if you have it, throw on some athletic gear including a headband and some wristbands, and don’t forget to carb load with some baguettes before your big race.

Carole Baskin

Carole Baskin

If you own anything animal print (and we know you do, obvs),  throw it on. Grab or craft a flower crown and don’t forget a stuffed tiger.

Socially Distant Shopper

socially distant shopper

Have any pool noodles floating around in the backyard? Tape them onto a hard hat, grab a utility belt with hand sanitizer,  put on some kitchen gloves and keep your distance.

Iron Chef

iron chef

All you need is an apron, a chef’s hat and an iron for this punny costume.


Throwback Thursday

Wear a back brace and write the word Thursday on a white T-shirt for a Throwback Thursday costume.

Green With Envy

Easiest couples costume ever! One of you can wear green and the other black (insert the word Envy on your T-shirt)  for a green with envy look. Done and done.

Thanks for the punny costume ideas, Meaghan! For clever holiday ideas and lots of yay inspiration, follow @meaghanmurphy on Instagram.

All pictures courtesy of Meaghan Murphy.

Watch the full segment below:

Here’s one last idea below:

ghost writer

Meaghan is a ghostwriter as she holds up a copy of her soon-to-be-published book, Your Fully Charged Life: A Radically Simple Approach to Having Endless Energy and Filling Every Day with Yay, which is now available to purchase.