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Summer Explorations, the summer program at The Elisabeth Morrow School, is just what any good expedition is supposed to be. A blend of educational pursuit and hands-on excitement that keeps students from backsliding over the summer months.

“We provide a wonderful combination of learning and fun,” says Director of Auxiliary Programs Liza Hards. “Students can choose topics that interest them and work with other students with similar interests. They are learning and keeping skills sharp, but it doesn’t feel like school. They are enjoying what they are learning without the added pressures of school. Students can collaborate, communicate and create within a supportive and caring community.”


Summer Explorations has been around for about 50 years. It’s open for six weeks for children ages 2 to grade 9, with half- and full-day options. Specialized theme weeks will be offered to preschoolers up to first-graders, with outdoor activities and creative projects. For grades 2-6, choices including science, art, app design, coding, creative writing, theater, music and nature exploration will be offered. The oldest students, in grades 7-9, also have access to leadership programs.

The goal is the prevention of the summer slide, the academic phenomena that sees students lose knowledge over the months long break. “We look to develop a child’s individual strengths through small class sizes, individual options and opportunities to continue to learn and develop over the summer months,” Hards says. “We also work on the important social and emotional learning skills that may have been lost in the new era of pandemic learning.” The 14-acre campus encompasses two state-of-the-art science and technology labs, two outdoor playgrounds and a new turf field. Safety protocols for both indoor and outdoor spaces are in place–and evolving as often as necessary, Hards says.


A summer program is only as good as its staff and Summer Explorations uses certified, experienced teachers. “Our teachers know what the children need at each age level and provide the right blend of learning and fun,” she says. “Our goal is to provide young people with exciting opportunities to come together with dedicated staff to learn, grow and play, with a focus on developing personal interests and making their own choices. It’s the perfect summertime recipe!”

435 Lydecker St., Englewood
201-568-5566, ext. 7333

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