Kids accustomed to having an array of electronic devices at their fingertips probably won’t respond well to neolithic study tools such as flash cards. That’s why online learning websites are launching interactive curricula to help with academics. Have your teen check these out.

  • This is a web-based, self-guided video tutorial for math and science for grades 7 to 12. Some parents also use the subscription-based service to refresh their own rusty skills so they can help with homework. There’s a free basic plan so you can learn the ropes, and a premium plan that offers more content.
  • Your teen can expand his vocabulary as he stays on top of current events. This free site uses real-world examples of words in action by using sentences gleaned from the news. Students read sentences and answer sentence-completion questions.
  • Prepping for the SAT and ACT? This site simulates test-taking conditions by providing printable practice tests, then allowing students to launch a video review of skipped questions, incorrect answers, or correct answers arrived at with a lucky guess.

This article appeared in the February 2011 issue of Raising Teens.