Purepsych, LLC

Bryan M. Niederman, PhD, Priscilla S. Bauer, LCSW

Specialty: Pyschology

Left to right: Bryan M. Niederman, PhD, Amy Roter, MA, LAC, Priscilla S. Bauer, LCSW, Dana Richelieu

At purepsych, Dr. Bryan Niederman and Priscilla Bauer help children and families achieve their personal, emotional and life goals. “We build relationships that extend beyond the walls of our office,” Dr. Niederman says.

The purepsych team provides various psychological evaluation services and individualizes therapeutic and nutraceutical approaches in warm, home-like office environments in Livingston and Watchung. “Our objective is to help people become the best version of themselves,” Niederman explains. “We go beyond the textbook model of psychological care and infuse creativity and fun into treatment,” Bauer says.

Professionals at purepsych are invested in their collaboration with schools and other professionals and pursue lifelong education to remain at the forefront of their sciences. It is in this way they best serve their clients. “We relate to kids by talking to them the way we would our own friends or family members,” Niederman explains. “We often hear from parents that their children enjoy coming to see us.”


160 S. Livingston Ave., Ste. 113, Livingston

12 New Providence Rd., Ste. 101, Watchung

973-486-6248 • purepsych.com

“Bryan’s able to make kids feel comfortable and talk about what’s bothering them. “~Julia, Roseland

“Dr. Bryan is compassionate and understanding. He’s helped our family so much with his treatment.” ~Frieda, Springfield

“He connects with and understands my son better than any doctor we’ve been to.” ~Debby, West Orange

“Dr. Bryan is completely accessible to children and their families. We’ve consulted him many times between sessions when we needed advice/guidance, and he ALWAYS responds. “~Melissa, Livingston

“He connected to my son right away. My son needed someone to talk to and open up to. Someone to teach him tools to deal with frustration. We’re so glad we found him, and so is my son.” ~Luz, West Orange

“He’s bonded with my son. My son really values their talks. ” ~Liliana, Cranford

“Priscilla has such a rapport with my child and can easily relate to what she’s going through. She always makes time for her clients and will always take a call. “~David, Rahway

“Priscilla is our daughter’s therapist and we’re grateful we found her. Since the first day she started working with our daughter and with us (parents), Priscilla showed a keen interest in helping us. Priscilla prepares well before she meets with her patients. She shares sources that help us better understand our daughter, and she advocates for our child. Priscilla listens to our concerns and takes detailed notes during sessions. She’s responsible and supportive, and whenever we need her help outside our scheduled sessions, she makes every effort possible to call us or even meet with us when something important comes up. She’s a knowledgeable professional and a great human being.” ~Susana, Bloomfield

“Priscilla is very kind and patient and makes my daughter feel very comfortable to share her feelings. She’s always available for her day or night via text message. She gives her helpful suggestions on how to communicate more effectively. ” ~Lauren, Caldwell

“Priscilla got my special needs daughter to open up and talk to her, and now my daughter and I have a better relationship and she’s doing much better in school.” ~Mark, Livingston

“Priscilla has been such an amazing, positive help with my child. She’s so knowledgeable and always available. She goes above and beyond for her patients. ” ~Mimi, Livingston

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