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Matthew Swensen/New York Football Giants

If you’ve been waiting for the day your favorite pro team would start training again, here’s some good news: professional sports teams that train or play in New Jersey may now return to training camps or competition—but there’s a catch.

Governor Phil Murphy signed an executive order on Friday that allows professional sports teams to resume training and competition—if those leagues decide to do so.

“We have been in constant discussions with these teams about the protocols they will have in place to protect the health and safety of the players, coaches and team personnel,” Governor Murphy said in an update today. “We know they have facilities where proper sanitation and hygiene practices can be readily maintained.”

Professional teams that practice or play in New Jersey include the New York Giants, the New York Jets and the New York Red Bulls. But don’t expect to be packing MetLife Stadium anytime soon—competitions will most likely resume without fans there to watch in person.

For those hoping their children’s sports schedules will stay on track, there’s no word on that yet.

“I recognize that obviously that not all of our sports are back. We continue our work with all stakeholders, including, if not especially, youth sports leagues to hopefully see their resumption in the near future,” Murphy added. “But where professional teams are concerned, and with the facilities and resources they have to meet the demands of public health, we felt we could take that step forward.”

In the same briefing, Murphy also announced that socially-distanced outdoor graduation ceremonies may begin starting July 6 and that the Federal Railroad Administration is awarding $91.5 million to help replace the Portal Bridge (a major bottleneck for trains traveling between Newark, NJ and Penn Station, NY).

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