How do NJ high schools stack up against the rest of the country? Check out these statistics about APs, enrollment and beyond to find out.

In 2019, NJ was first in the country with a Quality Counts score of 87.8. Rankings are based on K-12 data on socioeconomics, academics and more.

Education Week Research Center

A student’s average likelihood for long-term success is an 89.1 or B+, according to K-12 data. The national average is a C+.

Education Week Research Center

90.9% was NJ’s 2018 high school graduation rate. The 2016- 17 national average was 84.6 percent.

—New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE), Education Week Research Center

154,215 AP exams were taken in NJ in 2018. The most popular was US history with 16,006 exams.

College Board

82% of NJ’s Class of 2018 took the SAT.

College Board

1.2% was NJ’s 2017-18 dropout rate.


72.4% of 2018 grads were enrolled in a four-year institution by fall 2018.


There were 96,044 graduates from NJ high schools in the class of 2019.

—National Education Association (NEA)

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