Thumbs Up
A little like holding your kid’s hand when you can’t be together—this chunky, modern brass signet ring starts with a custom imprint of his unique thumbprint. Fingerprint Signet Ring; $265, 

Secret Signals
This sweet Morse code necklace includes two sterling silver charms that spell out “mother” and “friend” in dots and dashes. Morse Code Double Round Charm Necklace; $64,

What’s Your Sign?
We love how this chic, constellation cuff is a subtle love letter to your kids—their astrological sign gets hand-stamped into the gold-plated brass band. Gold Astrology Cuff; $70,

It’s a Date
A strong, graphic take on birthdate jewelry. Posh Date Ring; $150,

Picture This
The dramatic silhouette on this sterling silver charm is cut from the photo you send in, making your bracelet one of a kind—just like your kid.
Laser Cut My Love—Single Silhouette with Cord; $48,

Letter Perfect
Initials on a chain mean you only get to see them when you look in the mirror. Initials on gold vermeil stackable rings mean you get to admire them all day, no mirror required. 
Stackable Initial Rings; $24,

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